Giocom LLC and Giocom Sourcing EACS

Giocom LLC and Giocom Sourcing EACS (Electronic and Avionic Component Services) are suppliers of electronic components and related parts and assemblies, widely distributed across a broad group of industries including Aircraft and Avionics, Military & Defense, Industrial, Automotive and Transportation, Commercial Office equipment, and Test & Measurement, including various hardware and assemblies used in applications [...]

Giocom LLC Services Offered

Giocom LLC is a full service distributor of Electronic and Avionics components, manufacturing Hardware and Assemblies, and related services, with over 20 years of industry experience. We work with strategic buyers in the Avionics, Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Medical, Transportation and Telecommunications industries. We... * Supply electronic parts including Connectors, Backshells, Switches, Wire & Cable, [...]

Finding the best Aircraft Engine Parts | Giocom LLC

If you're looking for aviation parts, Giocom LLC has what you need. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are constantly keeping up with and improving our products. We specialize in working with helicopter and aircraft manufacturers and contractors. Some of the aircraft engine parts we offer include: -Fuel pumps -Alternators -Air [...]
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